In this weeks episode of Inspiring Careers we talk to the founder of the World Myeloma Forum, Dr Blake Morrison. Dr Blake Morrison believes in the importance of taking career risks in order to truly become an innovator and reach your full potential.

Inspiring Careers Episode #7 – BLAKE MORRISON
Founder of the World Myeloma Forum

In Episode #7 of Inspiring Careers, Dr Blake Morrison shares his advice for achieving a successful and fulfilling career. He talks about why it is important to take career risks, the lessons he learned from the risks he took, and  how to go about taking career risks. The key advice is to create a risk profile where you can research and fully understand the risk you are taking, how it will impact you professionally as well as personally, and creating a back up should the risk fall through.

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Blake also shares his passion for mentoring. He shared his story of a Medical Science Liaison who contacted him through LinkedIn, asking for help, advice, and guidance. He tells us how becoming a mentor has helped him develop and grow in his own career, as well as the help he was able to offer someone as they grew and developed into a successful professional. There is so much opportunity for us to help others, especially with the tools and resources we have (such as LinkedIn) which make it so easy to do things like mentoring. Why not give mentoring a try? Get in touch with someone on LinkedIn who is already mentoring, ask them for their help and advice on how to get started, and most importantly – enjoy the journey (and the rewards of that journey) that both you and those you mentor will embark on.

“Do take risks at different times in your career, but it’s so important to know what your risk profile is at those different times. Actively understand your risk profile and apply it.

Blake Morrison – Head of Global Medical and Scientific Affairs

Blake’s Top 10 Career Tips

#1 Innovate and take risks

#2 Nurture relationships

#3 Embrace tools and technology fully

#4 Understand why you’re taking a risk. Learn from failures

#5 Learn from others who have already done it

#6 Research the role on offer. The grass isn’t always greener

#7 Be grounded in facts but focus on the bigger picture

#8 Reach out to potential mentors

#9 Look to mentor others – you’ll learn from each other

#10 Learn from setbacks and be more strategic next time


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