For those who want to work with one recruitment agency in an exclusive partnership

Our retained service offers you an exclusive service for your recruitment assignment. You won’t need to worry about working with 5 or 6 agencies to fill one vacancy, and we will not distract shortlisted candidates with other vacancies. It’s this exclusive partnership which enables us to dedicate more time and resources to your vacancy than we could possibly do on a contingency basis. Retained work does not mean slow work.



First, we meet or conference call with you. We want to learn more about you, your team, and your company culture and values.

We’ll discuss and agree on the 3 stage recruitment brief, including your expectations from each stage, the profile of the type of candidate you expect to hire, market research and shortlist information you are looking for, time frame and interview schedules. and your bespoke needs.
This stage is vital as everyone involved needs to fully understand what is expected from each other.


Second, we get to work on the shortlist, presenting you with candidate profiles and the market research obtained.

We screen and fully brief candidates through meetings, telephone, or Skype interviews, and we begin performing reference checks. To help manage risk, we never submit any candidate who does not provide references. No candidate will ever be submitted to you without providing us with their written permission to do so. You will receive a full profile and research document on each candidate in our shortlist, as well as information from our market research.


Next, we prepare and coach all candidates who you have selected to interview.

Once you have selected the candidates you would like to interview, we then prepare and coach both you and the candidates so both parties can get the most of out the interview process. We take great care in looking after both you and the candidates before and after the interview, ensuring everyone receives adequate feedback. This is key to protecting your employer brand as both this stage and the next are a very delicate process. 


Lastly, we will provide advice on deciding which of those candidates you wish to hire.

When you have happily made your decision we will manage the negotiations and the offer between you and the candidate, ensuring both parties are completely happy. We’ll also manage and look after unsuccessful candidates to help ensure they have received a positive experience throughout the process and their interaction with you.

Once an offer has been accepted, we will communicate regularly with you and the successful candidate, providing an aftercare service throughout the probationary period.


We are confident in our ability to provide a great service. You will receive a full refund within the first 90 working days of the candidates start date or completing an assignment or service if:

You are not happy with one of the candidates we have placed at your company

We cannot find a replacement candidate within 28 working days from the date of termination for our Contingency service or within an agreed time frame from the date of termination for our Retained service.

We cannot re-work a particular assignment to a level of your satisfaction