In this weeks episode of Inspiring Careers we talk to multiple sales award winner Richard Mansfield, who is a truly believer in creating winning situations for his customers, who his customers serve, and for the company he works for. His win win squared mentality and approach to sales gives him the edge needed in order to be a successful sales person in the pharma industry.

Inspiring Careers Episode #6 – RICHARD MANSFIELD

PharmaTimes Primary Care Sales Professional of the Year Bronze Award 2014 | PharmaTimes Secondary Care Sales Professional of the Year Silver Award 2015

In Episode #6 of Inspiring Careers, Richard shares some vital information about how to be a successful sales person in the pharma industry. In fact, the advice Richard gives could easily be applied to many different sales roles and situations. He talks about the importance of setting goals and achieving them not just for your company or your line manager, but achieving them for you. It’s important that you set goals and achieve goals which make you happy, and which give you a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. This is key to help you maintain your motivation. 

Richard also talks about the importance of working smart and working with tenacity. When it comes to tenacity it’s important to look at what everyone else is doing and then do “just one more”. That is if everyone is seeing 5 prospective customers every day, you should be seeing 6. Applying that “just one more” approach will soon have an accumulative effect which will produce better results than those who do just one less. If you apply the “just one more” mentality each day in a working week, then you will have seen 5 more prospective customers than your competition. That “just one more” mentality has helped Richard become an award winner.

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I asked Richard what he thought was the one thing that holds sales people back from becoming truly successful in their careers. He told us that many sales people want to flood their prospective customers with a lot of science and solutions, which may look like the right thing to do but the reality of it is that it just switches people off. Go back to your classic sales training and find the need behind the need. Keep asking them why until you get to their true need, keep making the conversation about them, let them talk and ask questions and tailor your response to the needs they have expressed – and then bring in the relevant information that truly helps with their needs.

“You have to have tenacity, people always talk about tenacity. You have to have the motivation to keep yourself going, otherwise you’re just gonna lose faith and stop doing what you need to do.

Richard Mansfield –  Business Development Executive

Richard’s Top 9 Career Tips

#1 Win Win Squared – Win for you, win for the customer AND a win for who they (the customer) serve

#2 Stay motivated, fish where the fish are, DOT the i’s and cross the t’s

#3 Be tenacious and work smart – “just one more”

#4 Don’t take rejection personally

#5 Use trusted resources to back up your work

#6 Create events to gain access and build rapport with your prospects

#7 Don’t throw facts at people – find the need behind the need

#8 Build rapport – people buy from people

#9 Don’t panic, stay calm. Give yourself and advantage by being prepared!


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