LinkedIn Profile Writing Service

This Service Includes:

1 Fully Written New LinkedIn Profile Brand new LinkedIn Profile based on your goals
Assigned Consultant (1 month) You'll work with the same consultant throughout
Keyword and SEO Optimised Profile Get found more easily on both LinkedIn and Google
Spell and Grammar Check We ensure your profile demonstrates attention to detail
Annotations, Examples, and Advice You'll know exactly what information to include and why
Structure and Formatting A smart, clean, and captivating profile structure
Profile Picture, Images, and Media We'll advise you on profile picture, images, and other media
Unlimited Revisions for 1 Month We will make any small changes you need



As a recruitment and careers business, we use LinkedIn every single day. We know the platform very well and have presented workshops and lectures helping many people utilise LinkedIn effectively.
We understand how overwhelming it can feel when you try to write your LinkedIn Profile. To make sure you get the best possible LinkedIn profile for growing your network and attracting potential employers, we will take the time to learn about your career goals and what you want to achieve with your new LinkedIn Profile. We will regularly speak with you over Skype, phone and email, where you’ll be fully included in the creation of your profile.


Our experience and knowledge within recruitment and careers gives you a unique experience with our service. When writing your CV we will regularly speak with you over Skype, phone and email, where you’ll be fully included in the creation of your new CV. We do it this way because we want your CV to reflect your voice, and immediately demonstrate your achievements and how relevant you are to the vacancy in question.
By fully including you in the process of writing your new CV we can show you how we do it and why it works. You’ll get both a great new CV and a new life skill and understanding of how to write a CV so you’ll never have to worry about it again.

This service will give you…

Here’s how to get started…


Tailored to your Career and Job Search Goals

We take the time to learn about you and your career and job search goals. This helps us to tailor a LinkedIn Profile that will help bring you closer to achieving those goals.


Assigned Consultant

All CV and LinkedIn Writing Services are performed by a consultant specifically assigned to you (up to 1 month from your purchase date). They will happily speak with you over Skype, phone, and email, answering any questions you have.


Keywords, SEO, and Job Titles

LinkedIn is among the top 5 sites that Google indexes. We apply the best practices for improving your LinkedIn Profile’s ability to appear on the first page of both Google and someone’s search results within LinkedIn.


Annotations, Examples, and Advice

Throughout the drafting stage you’ll receive plenty of notes, examples, and advice as to what information would best suit your profile. We’ll show you how and why we write your LinkedIn Profile the way we do.


Spell and Grammar Check

No need to worry if you spelt certain words wrong or missed the odd letter out. Your LinkedIn Profile must demonstrate an attention to detail.


Structure and Formatting

We use a structure that is easy on the eye, great at highlighting career achievements and encourages ‘call to action’ (CTA). CTAs encourage people to perform an action after reading your profile such as sending you an email or connection request.


Profile Picture, Images and Displaying Media

We’ll show you how to take a great profile picture. We’ll also show you what media you can include on your profile and how to upload it. This includes the use of images, articles, presentations, videos, and more.


Unlimited Revisions for One Month

After the final draft is complete you’ll be entitled to a whole month of unlimited revisions to your LinkedIn Profile. We’ll make any small changes you require (such as changes to sections or sentences).

At the top of this page click the "Add to Cart" button. You'll then be taken to the Checkout to finalise your payment.

You'll then need to go to the online 'Checkout' to finalise your payment.

Once you have made your payment email us immediately with a link to your LinkedIn Profile (we may need to connect with you to see your profile, or you can send us a pdf copy of your profile) and your purchase reference number. A copy of your CV would also be useuful but if you really don't want to then you don't have to. Please also let us know whether you require English UK or English US (for spell and grammar checks).

A member of our staff will get back to you shortly after receiving and initially reading your LinkedIn Profile. We will then arrange for our first Skype or phone consultation. During this call we will want learn more about your career and your LinkedIn goals.

After we have spoken to you we will start to work on your LinkedIn Profile. We will usually have the first draft complete within 72 hours (but we often do it much quicker!).

We will then send you the first draft of your LinkedIn Profile and ask you to read through it. It is often the case that we'll have a number of details to clarify, and will require additional information that we feel should be included.

Once we have collected the information we need, we will then begin the second draft. This process will be repeated for additional drafts of your LinkedIn Profile. We will usually complete the drafting process within 3 drafts.

Once the drafting stage is complete we will then send you a final draft of your LinkedIn Profile for your approval. Once you have approved the final draft of your LinkedIn Profile we will then create a designed version.

Lastly, once everything is complete, we will send you your brand new LinkedIn Profile in a word document. There will be clear instructions on how and where to copy and paste each part of your new LinkedIn Profile.

You are welcome to request any revisions for up to 1 month from the date we complete your LinkedIn Profile. We will also arrange a phone call to ask how satisfied you were with the service, and answer any further questions you may have.