CV Report

This Service Includes:

New CV Design and Format We place your information into our ATS optimised template
Spell and Grammar Check We ensure your CV demonstrates attention to detail
Your CV Completely Annotated We add notes, advice, and guidance for you to follow
CV Section Examples and Advice Done for you examples to show you how and why
CV Update Check Up to 3 revision checks each time you update your CV


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Being a recruitment and careers company, we have viewed a lot of CVs – good and bad! We have seen CVs which do not capture the reader’s attention, and have seen CVs which clearly demonstrate competency, are concise and captivate potential employers.

Our CV Reports will give you advice and guidance gained from years of experience in providing consultancy for hiring managers, candidates, and professionals seeking to advance their careers. Our CV Report will tell you what to write, what works well, and why.

This service will give you…

Here’s how to get started…


New CV Design and Format

We place your information into our CV template. Our template is optimised for ATS systems and easy to read. We will also tailor our template to suit different industries.


Spell and Grammar Check

No need to worry if you spelt certain words wrong or missed the odd letter out. CV’s must demonstrate an attention to detail.


Your CV Completely Annotated

We’ll go through your CV with a fine toothcomb, adding notes full of advice and guidance as to what is good, what should be removed, and what should be improved (and how to improve it!)


CV Section Examples and Advice

You’ll receive examples of how each section of your CV should be written. We will show you exactly to write.


CV Update Check

Once you have made the changes we have advised, you can send it back to us for further feedback. You can do this up to 3 times.

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Once you have made your payment email us immediately with a copy of your CV and your purchase reference number. Please also let us know whether you require English UK or English US (for spell and grammar checks).

A member of our staff will get back to you shortly after receiving and initially reading your CV, just to go over any clarifications that we need to make (you're more than welcome to ask any questions about your job search too!).

After we have spoken to you we will start to work on your CV Report. We will usually have this done within 72 hours (but often we do it much quicker!).

We will then send you your CV Report and ask you to read through it and make the updates revised.

If you would like us to go through your updates and provide further advice on the changes you have made, then simply email us your updated CV. We will do this up to 3 times.

Once the service is complete we will arrange a phone call to ask how satisfied you were with the service, and answer any further questions you may have.

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