CV or LinkedIn Profile Review

This Service Includes:

Assigned Consultant (1 month) You’ll have unlimited access and communication with one of our consultants for a month
1:1 Consulting Call You’ll start with a 1:1 call to discuss your career aims and go through your CV or LinkedIn Profile
1 Full Report You’ll receive 1 full report providing you with tailored advice, annotations, and templates
Keyword and ATS Optimisation Ensure you have the right and targeted keywords for an ATS friendly CV or LinkedIn Profile
Spell and Grammar Check We ensure your CV or Profile demonstrates attention to detail



We have a saying here at Heart Talent – Make an Impacting First Impression!

So what does this really mean? Today’s job market can be a very competitive place. You’ll no doubt be aware that recruiters are constantly browsing LinkedIn for the best candidates. With the explosive growth of Talent Acquisition and internal recruitment teams that many companies now utilise, we are now becoming much more visible to employers before we’ve even made an application. 

Knowing this, now is the time to ensure that if we choose to get on LinkedIn or submit our CV’s for roles we are interested, we represent ourselves professionally and in a way that allows employers to learn the very best of what you can offer.


Our experience and knowledge within recruitment and careers gives you a unique experience with our service. When writing your CV we will regularly speak with you over Skype, phone and email, where you’ll be fully included in the creation of your new CV. We do it this way because we want your CV to reflect your voice, and immediately demonstrate your achievements and how relevant you are to the vacancy in question.
By fully including you in the process of writing your new CV we can show you how we do it and why it works. You’ll get both a great new CV and a new life skill and understanding of how to write a CV so you’ll never have to worry about it again.

This service will give you…

Here’s how to get started…


1:1 Initial Strategic Career Call

Before we write our reviews or offer any advice, we want to learn all about you. That way we can tailor our reviews to support your career goals.


Assigned Consultant (1 month)

We want to ensure you fully understand the help and advice we have given to you. You’ll have 1:1 access to a consultant for up to a month, answering any questions you have and supporting you whilst you take action on our advice.


1 Full CV or LinkedIn Profile Report

Whether you choose to have either your CV or LinkedIn Profile reviewed, you’ll receive 1 full report on what improvements you need to make and why. You’re CV or Profile will be fully audited to ensure you understand why changes need to made.


Annotations, Examples, and Advice

We will provide plenty of notes, examples, and advice as to what information would best suit your CV or LinkedIn Profile. This gives you additional knowledge and understanding to use again in the future.


Spell and Grammar Check

Once you have made your changes and updates based on the advice we have given, we’ll perform a spell and grammar check for you. We find it very helpful to offer a second pair of eyes to ensure your CV or Profile demonstrates attention to detail.


Keyword and ATS Optimisation

We have an excellent understanding of how Applicant Tracking Systems work, and how recruiter’s utilise their databases. We will ensure that the right keywords and phrases are recommended for your CV and Profile, according to the job you may be applying for or to help you achieve your career goals.

At the top of this page click the "Add to Cart" button. You'll then be taken to the Checkout to finalise your payment.

You'll then need to go to the online 'Checkout' to finalise your payment.

Once you have made your payment email us immediately letting us know whether you require a cv or linkedin profile review, and please include your purchase reference number. Please also let us know whether you require English UK or English US (for spell and grammar checks).

A member of our staff will get back to you shortly . We will then arrange for our first Skype or phone consultation. During this call we will want learn more about your career history and career goals.

After we have spoken to you we will start to work on your review. We will usually have the review completed within 72 hours (but we often do it much quicker!).

from here, the rest is down to you. You'll have 1:1 access should you need further clarifications or advice on how to carry out the advice we have given you.