How to Become a Successful Medical Science Liaison

Inspiring Careers Episode #1

How to Become a Successful Medical Science Liaison

Inspiring Careers Episode #1 – Pharmaceutical & Life Science Industry Edition.
James Khoo – PharmaFields MSL of the Year Awards Finalist 2017

Welcome to the very first episode of Inspiring Careers! On today’s show we talk to James Khoo, a Senior Medical Science Liaison, who became a Finalist for the PharmaFields Awards MSL of the year 2017.
Welcome to the very first ever Episode of our YouTube series called Inspiring careers. We started Inspiring Careers because we wanted to learn and receive great career advice from award-winning, successful and inspiring people. We also created our Inspiring Careers show because we noticed that there is a lot of advice for people who run their own businesses (and there really is A LOT of content out there for entrepreneurs!), but there isn’t anywhere near as much content out there for people who want to learn how to be successful in their careers. In fact, most career content that is available is often catered towards graduates, but there simply isn’t much help and advice out there for those who are already established in their careers. We aim to fill this gap by bringing you great interviews and articles not just from ourselves but from some of the best people who have built great careers in their respective industries.
Whether you’re currently a graduate, manager, a Senior Director or a C-Level Executive, we working hard to create content that will help you expand your knowledge, further develop your career, and hopefully challenge you with different viewpoints as well as new, creative, and inspiring ideas.

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On today’s show we interview James Khoo, a Senior Medical Science Liaison who become a finalist for the PharmaFields Medical Science Liaison of the Year Awards in 2017. James gives us some excellent advice about how to excel as MSL and how he worked his way up towards becoming a Senior MSL.

You’ll notice we create 2 videos for each Inspiring Careers episode. The first video is the full interview and the 2nd is a shorter video with all our favourite highlights from the full interview. Click on a video below to learn from James and receive some great advice about furthering your career as Medical Science Liaison.

Full Interview

Highlights Episode

James gave us some excellent advice and our favourite was when he shared his experience with learning not be fearful about asking questions. For some people, asking lot’s of questions is relatively easy and has always been the obvious way to access great advice. For many people, asking questions does not come easy. It can be daunting and cause you to wonder how you will appear to your colleagues around you. Are you worried that if you ask questions then people will think you lack knowledge? Well, you may want to read what James had to say about that…

“Don’t be fearful about asking questions”

“Asking questions can be your best friend really and a very very valuable resource to make your better than you are. I’m always happy and confident to ask questions as I believe that when you ask the questions, you will get answers based on the experience of individuals who have been in the role for many more years than yourself and have probably learnt from mistakes that they have made. – There is no such thing as a stupid question.”
James Khoo – Senior Medical Science Liaison

James Khoo’s Top 6 Career Tips

#1 Always ask questions.
#2 Understand how an MSL’s role interacts with other roles
#3 Prepare your visits, know your customer, understand their research interests.
#4 Don’t over promise
#5 Don’t be fearful about asking questions
#6 Know the story of your products, know your teams & their challenges, know where you can get your data from
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