In this weeks episode of Inspiring Careers we talk to Colin Vasey who repeatedly won the PharmaTimes Regional Business Manager of the Year. Colin talks to us about what he believes it takes to become a great manager.

Inspiring Careers Episode #8 – Colin Vasey

PharmaTimes Regional Business Manager of the Year Gold Award 2009 | PharmaTimes Regional Business Manager of the Year Silver Award 2012 |PharmaTimes Regional Business Manager of the Year Gold Award 2015

In this weeks episode of Inspiring Careers we learn from multiple award winner Colin Vasey, who talks to us about sales management and leadership. Colin’s main message for us is that a great manager needs great people, emphasising on just how important great people are to the success of your team’s mission.
Colin also shares his advice for improving your teams performance, how to effectively motivate your team and change their mindset from a negative to a positive – and he gives us his best practice to go about achieving this.

Check out the episode below for some great advice on team management and team leadership!

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One of my favourite stories from this episode was how Colin went about achieving the Sanofi Sales Team of the Year award. He tells us that he wasn’t afraid to set an ambitious goal, and he shares with us how he got the team to focus on this joint mission and achieve this goal. What goals do you currently set your team? Do they all have a joint mission to focus on? Or are they all focused on their own goals and working as individuals within a group?

“Decide which sort of manager you are. if you’re a people focused person then keep an eye on the business. If you’re the other way round, don’t drive your business by overlooking your people. Get the balance right between the two.”

Colin Vasey – Diabetes Sales Manager

Colin’s Top 9 Career Tips

#1 Great managers need great people

#2 Invest in your team, guide them, but don’t interfere

#3 Meet with your team regularly, observe them, and be honest with them

#4 Do the job you’ve been asked, to the best of your ability

#5 How you feel in your head effects your performance

#6 Start with the end in mind

#7 Think about your last good call

#8 Ask the question that you want to know the answer to

#9 Set goals and plan together as a team, document your progress – you will achieve your goals


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