We were completely blown away by the advice Katia had to offer in the latest episode of Inspiring Careers. Katia completely overflows with passion for the bigger picture in her role, which is ultimately in helping improve the lives of many patients around the world.

Inspiring Careers Episode #4 – KATIA ZACCARIA COWAN

Clinical Trial Administrator of the Year Silver Award 2017

In Episode #4 of Inspiring Careers, Katia demonstrates her passion and how she maintains that passion for the bigger picture. She tell us that the key to an award winning and successful career is about how you manage your passion. She talks about how important it is to always be curious, ask lots of questions, and to always try and gain more insights into the work we do. By getting more information we learn so much more about the impact of our work and why it’s so important – and that is truly what makes our day to day tasks more interesting, and in turn helps us maintain our own engagement with our own passions for the job we do.

 In fact, Katia advises us to take one step further in engaging with our passions. Not only does she tell us that we should gain more insight into the bigger picture of our work, but also to gain more insights from the other job roles being performed around us. This helps us to become better with our own work, and helps us engage with other peoples passions too. 

Check out the videos below and get some great advice for becoming an award winner in the pharma industry.

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One final question Katia challenges us with (and one which many of us have probably asked ourselves) is…does my job truly allow me to make a difference?

Whether you believe it does or does not, then you’re probably right – in other words it’s all about mindset. If you believe you cannot make any difference then you won’t. If you believe you can and that you are making a difference then you will. Katia tells us that there are so many ways we can make a difference in our jobs and all you need to do is explore ways in which you can do that best. 

“Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have. Decide where you want to go with your career and then do everything you can to get there.

For example, I would like to become a project manager, so I liaise with them, support them, try and get delegated some of their tasks – do whatever it takes to get you to where you want to go.”
Katia Zaccaria Cowan –  Clinical Trial Administrator

Katia’s Top 7 Career Tips

#1 Prepare for the unexpected

#2 Remember why you are passionate about your role and who you’re ultimately helping

#3 Always be curious

#4 Aim high and learn from other job roles

#5 Ask a lot of questions – there are no stupid questions!

#6 Find a way to make a difference in your company

#7 Dress for the job you want


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