We could not contain our excitement when we found out that one of the very first MSL of the Year finalists, and Bronze Award Winner Lee Finlan, would be our guest. Lee talks about how to maintain your passion for your work, and why this is so important for a successful career.



In Episode #5 of Inspiring Careers, Lee talks about his experiences and offers great advice for transitioning from an MSL to both a Senior MSL and an MSL Director. Lee’s shows us that it’s not just about having passion alone (many of us have passion for our chosen career path), it’s about how we utilise that passion, who we share it with, and the decisions you make to ensure that you do not lose your passion .
The first key piece of advice is to take your passion and find opportunities and projects which truly inspire you. Try to avoid working on projects which make you feel like your work is just another day. Try to avoid working in environment where you cannot wait to leave the office.

The second key piece of advice is to make sure you work with people who share your passion. It is crucial to your career that you work in an environment which will encourage your passion, rather than work with people who may see your passion as a bit of a threat to their own career.

Lee goes even further in the videos below, and gives his best advice on working with patients, customers, and co-workers. Click on a video below to learn more from Lee and receive some great advice about furthering your career as a Senior or Director level Medical Science Liaison.

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If you’re currently a team leader then Lee has some useful questions that you should ask yourself as a way of measuring your own journey as a leader:

Do people follow you?
Are you a manager who dictates?
Do you find yourself isolated from your team?
What way do you think your team feels about you?
If someone were to speak about you when you are not present, what would they most likely say?
In certain situations, would they defend you?

You may have heard about asking yourself these types of questions before. Lee reminds us that as a leader it’s important to consider these questions, to always try to be as fair as you can be, and ultimately never lose your passion and reason for being in your current role in the first place.

“You’ve got to your position because of your prior experience, but that will not sustain you.
Continue to keep an open mind, to learn, and to adapt – that’s really important.”

Lee Finlan –  Senior Medical Science Liaison Director

Lee Finlan’s Top 7 Career Tips

#1 Establish professional relationships with those who share your passion, energy, and optimism

#2 Find opportunities and projects which you’re most passionate about

#3 Put the safety of the patient first. Pick up the safety events early (safety is sexy!) 

#4 Broaden your horizons and experience. Try not to become institutionalised with one company

#5 Focus less on metrics and more on the engagement and quality of your project

#6 Don’t get bogged down in compliance. Think and ask yourself; if it’s ethically right? the benefits to the key people? whether this will further the research? and what are the medical aims and intentions?

#7 Prior experience will only get you so far. Keep an open mind to learn and to adapt.


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