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Welcome to Heart Talents CV and LinkedIn Profile Writing Services!
Grow your Network
Successful people attract successful people. A great LinkedIn Profile can help attract more connections with the right people, grow your network, and improve your industry reputation.
Attract Employers
Showcase your achievements and demonstrate how relevant your experience and skills are to today’s job market. Employers are always looking out for successful and innovative professionals.
Get that Interview
A great CV will grab the attention of your prospective employers, and have them wanting to learn more about you. A professionally written CV will help you stand out from other candidates.
Facing Change or New Challenges?

Considering a career change? Searching for a new role? Facing a redundancy? Maybe you’re new to LinkedIn or you have not needed to update your CV for a number of years.

We are here to help you create a CV and a LinkedIn Profile that will make an Impacting First Impression with potential employers.

The Process
What you can expect when working with us

Whether you order a CV or LinkedIn Profile, all our services undertake a similar process. You will undergo an initial consultation to discuss what level of service you require and what you want to achieve from a new CV or LinkedIn Profile. We also use this time to learn more about your career.

Many people struggle to identify what their career achievements look like, and what employers are wanting to read on a CV or LinkedIn Profile. We understand how daunting writing a CV can be (particularly if you have not written one for a while!). Your journey with one of our consultants will show you what information needs to be on your CV or LinkedIn Profile, how to stand out against other applicants, and will end with you receiving a professionally written CV or LinkedIn Profile.

To get started you can either purchase the service you require immediately or fill out an order request form at the bottom of this page. We will then contact you to schedule either a phone or Skype call to discuss your needs. We will request a copy of your CV or a link to your LinkedIn Profile before your consultation.
03The Drafts
After our consultation we will then create a first draft. The first draft allows us to understand what further information we need from you. You’ll receive a set of questions from us which we can go through over email, phone, or Skype. Once we have collected the additional information we need, we’ll begin the second draft. This drafting process will continue until we have all the right information needed (we usually finish within 3 drafts).
03Finalise & Design

Once we have finished the final draft, we will then finalise your CV or LinkedIn Profile and send you a watermarked plain format copy. If you are happy with our work we will ask you to confirm this in writing and then the watermark will be removed. Depending on the service you have ordered, we will then proceed with creating a designed CV and a Cover Letter (if you have requested one), plus any additional CVs you have requested.

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Services Explained
All consultations are performed over email, phone, or Skype. This is where we will discuss your CV requirements, and provide additional advice to help assist you in your job search and applications.
Plain Format CV
A Plain Format CV is a CV which contains no formatting, fancy colours, lines or shapes. They are easily processed by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and are the most widely accepted CV for many industries. We recommend using a Plain Format CV for online applications.
Designed CV
A Designed CV is a CV which is uniquely designed to help you stand out. We create them with various colours, icons, and unique graphical presentations. This type of CV can be used when emailing a hiring manager or HR directly.
Vacancy CV
We highly recommend tailoring your CV for a particular vacancy. To compete against other candidates you must be relevant to an Employers current requirements. We will use our expert knowledge and research your vacancy to write a CV that demonstrates why you are the most relevant candidate for the role.
Industry CV
This is a more industry specific but generic CV which we write as a type of master document. We write you a great CV which you can tailor for different vacancies you wish to apply for in the future.
CV Report
We take your CV, put it into our CV template, and create a report within that document detailing what information you need to add and why. We break down and completely annotate your CV, detailing what information and sections you should keep and what information we recommend removing.
LinkedIn Profile Report
All our LinkedIn Profiles are written in Word for you to copy and paste. Similar to a CV Report, we’ll break down and annotate your LinkedIn Profile and tell you what information you need to add or remove and why.
ATS Optimisation
We are experts in ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) and we know how to create a CV that an ATS will love. Ensuring the right keywords for your industry and the job role you’re applying for are key, as well as ensuring you have listed the criteria including searchable job titles, skills, former employers, years of experience.
These are small edits or additions you require after we deliver your new CV. If you need to make any revisions then let us know and we will do this for you.