Don’t be Afraid to Fail!

Inspiring Careers Episode #3

Don’t be Afraid to Fail!

Inspiring Careers Episode #3 – Pharmaceutical & Life Science Industry Edition. 
Kara Gibson PhD – PharmaTimes Medical Science Liaison of the Year Finalist, Novartis Field Medical Excellence Award 2016, Novartis UK Award for Values and Behaviours both 2015 and 2016.

For our latest show we were very fortunate and privileged to interview Kara Gibson. Kara has demonstrated that by being pro-active and consistent with your efforts and hard work you can (and you will!) achieve a multiple award-winning and successful career.

Episode #3 gave us a fantastic opportunity to interview Kara Gibson who has won multiple awards throughout her career. Kara gave the Heart Talent Community some excellent advice, and it was clear to use that she has crafted the perfect balance of passion, personality, and professionalism in her work. A few of my favourite moments from our interview was learning from Kara about how much she respects and values everyone she engages with, she really advises on becoming an expert in her role by learning about the external parts of your work (your doctors, patients, and other researchers who are involved) and learning the internal parts of your job (getting involved in other areas of the company – she gives a great example where she helped a Medical Advisor to write the trial protocals which in turn helped her become an expert on that particular trial!), and most importantly she highly recommends that we must not be afraid to fail.

Click on a video below to learn from Kara and receive some great advice about furthering your career as Medical Science Liaison.

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Failure is something many people fear, and it’s this fear which often holds us back from achieving our full potential the most. Maybe this is because with social media and the internet we have positioned ourselves to more exposure and we don’t want others to see us fail, we want to be perceived as good at what we do all the time. We’re missing out on an opportunity here. Both fearing failure we’re avoiding the best opportunities to learn from our experiences and mistakes. The more mistakes you can learn from, the better you’ll become at what you do.

Ever heard of any fear acronyms? Here are a few which I personally really like:

False Evidence Appearing Real


Here are a great couple of questions you can ask yourself when facing fear. Will you:

Forget Everything And Run? or Face Everything And Rise?


and if you thought those Fear acronyms were good, here is one for Fail:

First Attempt ILearning

“Don’t be afraid to fail. Have some new ideas, bring them up, talk about them, try and introduce them and if you can get them introduced just get behind them full force and yeah if you know what if it doesn’t work, learn from it and just don’t do it again.”
Kara Gibson – Medical Science Liaison

Kara Gibson’s Top 7 Career Tips

#1 Know your data

#2 Make the most of other peoples time. Pre-call plans!

#3 Research and know all about the person you’re speaking to

#4 Present your information concisely

#5 Be pro-active and ask for feedback

#6 Put yourselves in the perspective of your patients and your doctors

#7 Don’t be afraid to fail


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