Supporting and guiding you throughout the
job application process

Below is a breakdown of the journey and the process which you’ll undertake with us. You’ll receive a high level of support and access to your own agent via phone, email, WhatsApp, or Skype. Of course, not every one of these activities will apply to you, but this is the general level of skill, work, and knowledge that goes into every application process or job search we undertake on your behalf.


STAGE 01 – Learn About You

Firstly, we need to learn more about you and you need to learn more about us.

Your first point of contact with us is likely to be an arranged phone call. During this time we will want to learn about your current situation and your career goals, talking through what you would like to achieve and advising you best on how to achieve it. If you feel we are the right agency for you, we will arrange to either meet or Skype with you to talk about the next steps and review your CV.

STAGE 02 – Vacancies and Search

Second, we will brief you on new openings suitable for your experience. We’ll also talk to you about confidentially marketing you to our current clients and potential employers.

This is where we work on your behalf by representing you as your agent. We’ll create a job search strategy with you so you know who we will approach and how. Before submitting you to any employer, we will help you tailor your CV for the role. We will also take a minimum of 2 references from you and perform an initial reference check. We do this because it demonstrates a greater level of care, due diligence, and professionalism to potential employers.


Once an employer invites you for an interview, we’ll take you through our interview preparation process, providing you with information, advice, and interview coaching.

We will send calendar invites for our preparation sessions and for the interview itself, and ensure you have all the essential information such as travel information, what to wear, and where to go. We will also be liaising with the employer on your behalf, ensuring everyone receives adequate feedback.

STAGE 04 – Offer and Onboarding

After the interviews your potential employer will no doubt make you an offer. We’ll work to ensure that both parties are happy with the offer made.

Once you accept an offer, we’ll set up regular phone or Skype meetings with you during the onboarding process. During this time, we will be there to listen and be a neutral and confidential point of contact for you.
If you have interviewed with more than one company through us, we’ll inform the unsuccessful companies on your behalf.

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