Author: Dan Johnston

Don’t Lose your Passion

We could not contain our excitement when we found out that one of the very first MSL of the Year finalists, and Bronze Award Winner Lee Finlan, would be our guest. Lee talks about how to maintain your passion for your work, and why this is so important for a successful career.

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Welcome to our Candidate Attraction Series!

Welcome to my series on Candidate Attraction! What could be better than exploring a full spectrum of ways in which you can attract the right people and the best talent for your team?!

To kick off this series I’m going to start by summarising a few standout case studies which demonstrate what can be achieved by improving your Employer Brand.

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Improve your CV’s Personal Profile – Part 3: Best Achievement

My biggest pet peeve by a country mile when it comes to reading CVs is that I hardly ever read about peoples achievements. Candidates simply do not put them in and I have heard many reasons why people do not add their key achievements to their CV. It’s great to show humility but when it comes to your CV your aim is to land an interview. The key thing to remember about Achievements is that you’re not bragging, you are Showcasing.

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